About Us

Dental Mammoth Ltd is a globally operating dental innovation company. Dental Mammoth's mission is "Skills are based on knowledge" - we produce innovative knowledge services and products to support clinical work and education

Products and Services

Skills are based on knowledge

Dental professionals often work alone, under time pressure. A key to successful performance is the ability to check and find important data at the point of care. A modern, thoroughly tested Clinical Decision Support system answers all demands: quickness, reliability, and relevance.

Solutions to Clinical work and Education

The content is the king. Dental Mammoth offers its customers valuable oral health content in three formats: Online Service (cloud-based) portals, Clinical Decision Support system, and Education solutions. These three types of solutions complement each other.

Our Aim

Global Dental Family

A global project for improved oral health and education. Dental Mammoth has a vision: we wish to see the quality of oral health improved worldwide. This will take place through a collaboration of top-level international professionals. Dental Mammoth is at the center of this already ongoing project which gathers momentum all the time.


Both for clinicians and students.

Dental Mammoth gives tools and knowledge for dental professionals and students globally. The level of clinical work increases, working and studying becomes more efficient, and patient safety improves. Relevant and reliable knowledge in an easy-to-find format is essential for reaching these objectives. All our products are ultimately aimed for this single purpose: better care.


A global network of prominent professionals, partners, and customers

Dental Mammoth solutions are based on a global network of oral health professionals. Their collaboration with Dental Mammoth guarantees that we can offer the best solutions globally, seamless and long-lasting.