About Us

Your source of up-to-date professional dental knowledge

Dental Mammoth Ltd is a globally operating dental innovation company. Dental Mammoth’s mission is “Skills are based on knowledge” – we produce innovative knowledge services and products to support clinical work and education.

Dental Mammoth’s vision

We wish to see the quality of oral health improved worldwide. This will take place through a collaboration of top-level international professionals. Dental Mammoth is at the center of this already ongoing project which gathers momentum all the time.

Globally unique solution

We offer access to over 25 000 topics & best practices & guidelines
covering dentistry and oral health.

  • Dental, medical and drug databases
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Searchable articles, news, and videos
  • Dental products, materials and service information

Our Customers

  • Dental software companies – patient management systems
  • Manufacturers and distributors of dental equipment
  • Dental clinics and chains
  • Universities and other schools of dentistry

From dentists to dentists

The core of our service consists of clinical databases, which we created since 1995.

Over 400 international contributors regularly update the contents. Our editorial board consists of world-renowned dental professionals and they control the quality of the contents.