Press releases

Dental Mammoth’s databases now available via KEYPS’s educational platform in Turkiye

10 August 2022

KEYPS provides Dental Mammoth’s exclusive dental knowledge databases as an integrated part of its education platform.

Major new research finds Dental Mammoth a superior resource of information for dental students

20 May 2021

More than 80% of dental students found Dental Mammoth an invaluable resource in their daily practice. A significant percentage (86%) of the participants felt that Dental Mammoth as a resource, would also benefit dental practitioners outside the academic sphere, in the clinical work environment itself.

Hygga LTD and Dental Mammoth LTD to work together

7 April 2021

Dental Mammoth LTD and Hygga LTD have teamed up in order to improve the quality and availability of oral health care services both domestically and internationally. It is also hoped that said collaboration will help create more efficient oral health care services for current and future clients.